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Three Things to Know about Coaching with Winn Clark

Winn Clark helps leaders find their spark in a job that lights them up.
Winn Clark helps leaders find their spark in a career that lights them up.

As an executive coach with Awesome Institute and someone who has successfully built her own coaching business, Winn Clark understands how to relate to her clients’ unique problems. She’s experienced them firsthand in her previous life in the marketing and account management world.

Today, she taps into her personal experience and professional training to help guide her work. Winn describes coaching as her calling, and she encourages everyone to find a profession they love.

Here are three things to understand about Winn’s coaching style before working with her at Awesome Institute.

1. She’s no-nonsense but with plenty of compassion.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, and if you’ve ever worked with people from Philly, you know there’s an honesty and directness to them (I’m putting it nicely!). But I also have so much compassion and nonjudgement in my approach. I like to create an environment where my clients feel completely safe to share whatever is going on without any shame or self-editing. Fundamentally, I’m an optimist, and I have a bias toward action. Those things definitely come into my work.”

2. She’s inspired by courage.

“Visible displays of courage inspire me, whether that’s from someone in the public arena or seeing my clients make courageous moves. So much of coaching is about supporting people to do the uncomfortable thing, and seeing that happen makes my work incredibly satisfying!”

3. She believes that life’s too short to not love your work.

“I feel like life’s too short to not love your work. So many people settle for jobs they thought were great at 23 or 30 or that their parents expected of them. And I know that it is a privilege to contemplate, ‘how can I love my work more’ or ‘how can I find my way to work I love,’ but for those of us who are privileged enough to ask that question, I say ask it. Imagine doing work you love? I’m really passionate about that.”

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